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Joe & Alexa

September 30, 2023 | Gurley, Alabama

Our Story


A boy meets a girl...

Alexa and Joe ended up on the same spring break trip to Red River, New Mexico to ski. (Apparently, Joe and Alexa met twice before this. Alexa does not remember, but there are pictures to prove it.) Alexa hung around the boys for an extra day on the slopes after all the girls quit skiing. She lost the boys while on a tree run and ended up injuring her knee. With her newly swollen knee, her friends were kind enough to let her ride shotgun in Joe's suburban on the 14 hour trip back to Arkansas. Joe and Alexa talked for the entire trip home to campus. They have been laughing, sharing stories, and growing up together (for the most part ;)) ever since. 

J & A



Ceremony will begin at 5:30 PM. 

Reception dinner to follow. 

Keel Mountain

1112 Blowing Cave Road, Gurley, Alabama

Alexa and Joe will be getting married in Alexa's Aunt and Uncle's backyard. They will be having a small ceremony with family, but look forward to celebrating locally at their engagement party. 

Getting There






Huntsville is known to have gorgeous hiking trails - Monte Sano State Park and Cecil Ashburn Look Out & Trail are two of our favorites. Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment houses everything from art studios, to food and drinks, live music and farmers markets. The downtown square and surrounding blocks in Huntsville has tons of food, coffee, and little shops. It also sits next to several parks and museums. We enjoy Big Spring Park the most.

If flying, there is an airport in Huntsville that supports United, Delta, and American Airlines. For broader flight options, Birmingham and Nashville are around 2 hours away from Gurley. 

There will be a hotel block at the closest hotel to the mountain - Hampton Inn & Suites at Huntsville Hampton Cove (roughly 20 minutes away). Many booking sites have reserved rooms across Huntsville, making hotels appear to be sold out. Good news is, they are not. You can find additional hotel availability at the link below if our block is full. 


RSVPs are due August 15th. They are mail in cards, so make sure they hit the mailbox with enough time.

Dress code is garden formal.

The wedding and reception dinner will be in the backyard. Plan your shoes accordingly, ladies! 

There is plenty of parking at the house.

- - -

We are so excited for our families to meet each other and celebrate with us! We hope that you all have as much fun with each other as we have with you all. 

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Click the logo below to be directed to the registry.

Joe and Alexa are also registered at Veranda's in Jasper. 

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